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The need for guidance

When it comes to setting up an investment orientation, it is natural for past experiences and inclinations to influence your decision-making process. It is natural for investors to be overly enthusiastic, to overlook opportunities, or to be averse to some types of risk.
We can help by providing solid guidance based on facts.

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Our investment orientations and themes

To help you achieve your real-life financial goals, we have developed three well-defined programs.

Three investment orientations:

Global Strategies and Macro-driven Models: Controlled, stable growth

This orientation is mostly grounded on stable companies with broad international reach, i.e., multinational companies.

Mathematical Models: Medium risk growth

This orientation is based on specific investment concepts. The portfolio is constructed by means of mathematical ratios, such as EPS, Beta, Volatility, or Dividends. Typical portfolios created using this orientation are Pure Value, Pure Growth, GARP, Low Volatility, etc.

Best-in-Class Models: For clients with a higher appetite for risk

This orientation is mostly based on secular long-term growth trends. The portfolio construction is built upon a combination of subtle criteria, such as market share, number of patents, market introducer/leader, integral contributor to the value-chain, etc.

Whatever orientation you choose, we will assist you in the day-to-day handling of your selected combination, giving you the best prospect of achieving your goals.

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Diversify towards a particular goal: Lowering your potential drawdown!

We offer you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio at the optimal level, to ensure a broad outlook and reduce the vulnerability of your assets. Individual companies are considered according to the following parameters:

  • How a company interacts in its ecosystem (past, present, and outlook)
  • How it has performed fundamentally versus its own competitors and versus the broader market
  • How a company is managed
  • Whether or not a company has a proven track record of valuable innovations, etc.

Our company ranking system daily inspects a significant quantity of information (past, future, and industry developments). To match diversification requirements for each proposed strategy, specific boundaries are set and applied for each investment category.

The company allocation to these categories follows the numerical classification of the Alphega-Process.

Read more about diversification in the Q&A section, under "Stocks & signals".

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Our innovative, independent and integrated risk management approach

Traditionally, the equity markets are volatile, meaning that there is no single right or wrong approach to risk identification. Any model has both inherent strengths and weaknesses.

One of the classic methods for managing risks is diversification and assessing assets against a benchmark (benchmarking). However, one major concern with this approach is that opportune places become quickly overcrowded. This overpopulation spikes the level of volatility, due to rebalancing upon a particular event, and creates stress to your assets.

To address this concern, we have integrated a process that aims at evaluating early stress identifiers. Factors considered include top-down macro elements, as well as valuable bottom-up information.

Our findings are expressed as
  1. Unchanged risk
  2. Decreased risk
  3. Increased risk

The process is equity specific and helps to set the adjustment of the dynamic trailing stop-loss process. This level is being adjusted at every process run.

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