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The digital age transformation certificate

What you need to know

  • Investment strategy:
    Our multi-criteria selection process focuses on generating Alpha

  • Investment universe:
    We provide a multi-sector and multi-country investment vehicle
    Priority is given to companies with idea-intensive goods and services

  • Asset rotations:
    We rebalance weekly

  • Risk management strategy:
    Dynamic trailing-stop procedures are updated at 5-minute intervals

  • Performance:
    We have outperformed major indices for 10 out of 11 years

  • Diversification:
    Exposure to the same industry group is capped at 20 % of AUM

  • Risk scale:
    We rate 5 on an 8-point scale

Your benefits:
  • Access to top investment opportunities in the field of new technologies
  • Strong tilt towards High Conviction List
  • “High Value Added Companies” have priority over capital- and work-intensive companies
  • Equity selection is based on a multi-sector approach to benefit from a large spectrum, and is based on a meticulous strategy to identify the best investment opportunities at any given moment.

Download the issue prospectus and full investment theme description here

Download the term- and fact-sheets here

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Digital Age Transformation

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Made ready for you:

Issuing Bank : Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd., Zurich

Name of certificate: iX-7 Asset Management SA – Digital Age Transformation

ISIN number: CH0332265674

Security number : 33226567

Management fee: 1.5 % p.a.

iX-7 Asset Management SA is a Fintech specialized in the development of an state-of-art end-user empowered asset management solution. In collaboration with an asset management company and one of the leading banks in Switzerland for issuing actively managed certificates, the company is today proposing you the participation in the newly launched product “Digital Transformation”. This certificate can be bought through your depository bank.

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